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Are you still waiting around to get listed on DMOZ? It takes forever. Maybe it’s worth taking a look at the closest DMOZ competitors. The following is an analysis of the closest competitors to the Open Direcoty Project. Thanks for checking out my Top-10 DMOZ Competitors list! Please leave a comment or suggestions.

What is a Directory?

Website Directories are search engines created, edited and monitored by human beings. Human editors review submissions and decide ultimately what listings the directories have. Getting your website listed with the web’s key directories is important because it attracts new visitors and other search engines will see these listings.

There are a lot of directories on the web that utilize DMOZ, the ones listed below are not associated with the Open Directory Project because that wouldn’t be a true competitor.

DMOZ Alexa Rank:

1. Yahoo! Directory

Yahoo Directory

Description: The Yahoo! Directory is the web’s most popular as you can see from the traffic comparison below. Although, I believe the 3-rank is for Yahoo! iteself, not the directory. Desite this, undoubtedly, the Yahoo! directory is the largest rival to DMOZ. The directory was Yahoo’s primary method of search until 2002 when the change to crawler-based searches was implemented (source).

Cost: Free (takes as long as DMOZ to get listed) or $299/annually (cut-the-line fee)

Submit your Site

Note: Payment is required for any commercial website.

Alexa Rank:

2. ZoomInfo

Zoom Info

Description: ZoomInfo has been around since 1999 and is a directory of people and businesses. For individuals: to get listed on the directory it isn’t that hard, you can visit this link here and sign-up. For Companies, apparently this feature isn’t released yet but you can be notified when it is by visiting the current Add New Company page.

Alexa Rank:

3. Best of the Web Directory

Best of the Web Directory Logo

Description: Best of the Web Directory claims to be the Internet’s oldest directory. Whether this is true or not I don’t know for sure, but getting listed on this directory is not free. Please see the cost below prices below. The Alexa ranking for the site is below DMOZ.

Cost: $149/annually or $299.95/one-time-fee

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Alexa Rank:

4. The Pegasus Directory

The Pegasus Directory

Description: Pegasus is a good directory that boasts a higher traffic rating than other price comparable directories. If you elect to pay for a listing the customer service has a good standing review for fast service according to the directory critics.

Cost: Free (w/ or w/o reciprical) $27/annually or $69/Lifetime

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Alexa Rank:

5. Fat Info

Fat Info Web Directory

Description: Fat Directory is really good directory and what really I like is their insistence on good grammar and spelling as well as the hints and tips it offers to ensure you are completing the submittion form correctly. To suggest your site simply navigate to the appropriate directory and click Suggest Link

Cost: Free

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Alexa Rank:

6. Index King

Index King Web Directory

Description: Index King is affordable, fast and free for those not looking to part with $4 dollars. Even though I submitted a free listing their editors responded to support email and helped in categorizing my website. Overall, Index King is provides goo service and is a reliable directory with decent traffic.

Cost: Free or $4/yr for Featured Links

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Alexa Rank:

7. The Internet Public Library: IPL2


Description: The IPL2 project “ipl2 is the result of a merger of the Internet Public Library (IPL) and the Librarians’ Internet Index (LII).” Getting listed on the site, like most directories it seems, isn’t the fastest process.

Alexa Rank:

8. Go Guides

GoGuides Logo

Description: Go Guides is a website similar to DMOZ in that content (websites) is reviewed prior to being published. GoGuides also uses a rating system that assigns rank to each website. Each ranking is determined based on the overall look-and-feel of the website, content, and ease of navigation. Websites with a “three people” ranking appear first in the topic in alphabetical order by title.

Cost: $69.95 one-time fee.

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Alexa Rank:

9. Your Joker

Your Joker Web Directory

Description: This is a good directory in that it’s human edited and free. The problem is there’s a lot of ads all over the place and not very user friendly IMO. It is definitely worth submitting your site to this index. To submit a link you have to register (bummer) then browse to the appropriate category for your website and click Suggest a Link

Cost: Free

Submit Your Site

Alexa Rank:

10. The Internet Web Directory

The Internet Web Directory

Description: Go Guides is a website similar to DMOZ in that content (websites) is reviewed prior to being published. GoGuides also uses a rating system that assigns rank to each website. Each ranking is determined based on the overall look-and-feel of the website, content, and ease of navigation. Websites with a “three people” ranking appear first in the topic in alphabetical order by title.

Cost: Free (must post a valid link-back on you website), Basic $2/year, Premium $14.95/year

Submit Your Site

Alexa Rank:

Want to submit to more directories? I suggest you check out the Directory Critic. Here you’ll find hundreds of directories that you can submit your website to.

Hope you enjoyed my list, please subscribe to my RSS feed and leave a comment below!

Devin Walker is a San Diego-based WordPress Developer and enthusiast. He is the author of several popular and highly-rated WordPress themes and plugins. In his free time he enjoys playing Golf and traveling.

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  1. Ashley Bolivar

    From experience I know that getting listed on DMOZ takes more time than it does to watch paint dry. 🙂 Thanks for the other directories I am most interested in zominfo and just listed my information.


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    I tried to submit my website on above links but some seems to be broken.

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  14. Ronak Doshi

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    Just checked now, October 2016, all the directories listed here are gone. DMOZ has no more competition.

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