Sexy Curl Plus- jQuery Page Flip

Introducing Sexy Curl Plus!

It’s all the goodness of the original, plus a little bit more. Setting it up is exactly the same as the original, just be sure to change the orientation appropriately!

A very popular effect on websites is a book-like page flip that exposes more content beneath to the viewer. The problem with many of these implementations on the web is that they are Flash-based and don’t allow the content to be searchable. If you’re looking around for a JavaScript/jQuery solution then you may have stumbled upon Sexy Curl by Elliot Kember. This is a very good looking page flip animation that can be manually dragged and also automatically on hover.

Why Sexy Curl Plus?

When I first stumbled upon this plugin I really liked it, although I saw it was only able to be used in the top right and left corners of a website. As well, the original Sexy Curl was not compatible with the latest jQuery UI release. I like to load my jQuery UI from Google, so this was a definite problem that needed to be fixed. As well, my other need was to have the page flip in the bottom-right corner of my website, thus being similar to the iPad’s. Also, with the aspect ratio turned off it looks more authentic (IMO). You can play around with the options to set it how you like and thanks to the original developer for this great plugin!

Sexy Curl Plus: Target Content is Clickable

One of the major modifications of the original jQuery Sexy Curl allows the content hidden within your page curl to be active and clickable when the Sexy Curl is fully expanded. This means that you can place links, ads, and navigational elements within this effect now. Super cool!

New Sexy Curl Plus Demo

Everyone loves Google Maps, and when used on Sexy Curl Plus it can be even cooler. Check out the Sexy Curl Plus Google Maps demo to see what I’m talking about… it’s pretty neat.

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