Maps Builder Pro

Maps Builder Pro is the most flexible, robust, and easy to use maps plugin for creating powerful Google Maps directly on your website.

Google Maps Made Easy

Google Maps has many excellent features to display your location information in dynamic and powerful ways. While there are a lot of different tools available for building basic maps, we find that our Google Maps plugin has put the “craft of developing” into the Maps process.

Locations Galore

If your store-front is vital to business, then customers MUST know how to find you.  And if you are hosting a conference or own a bed and breakfast, you want your visitors to know what’s going on in the surrounding area. Locations and Destinations are important. With Maps Builder you get the full gamut of developer tools which include:

  • Add locations on a map by just dropping a pin and typing in your info.
  • Add local businesses, schools, pubs, bus stops and more with Google Places
  • Add custom markers with your icon

Dynamically Populate Your Maps from Posts

Developers know that Maps are about a lot more than just directions and locations. What if you wanted to display all of the marathon’s you’ve run from previous blog posts? With Maps Builder Pro you can do that with the “Post Mashup Feature”.

Every Post, Page, and Custom Post Type in your site can have a “Maps Builder Mashup” field and when populated, data is added to a map that you designate automatically. For instance, this rocks if you want to list Homes for sale via a “Real Estate” post type. Developing a “Merchant Locator”?…use a Merchant post type, or create a category for your posts called “Presentations”. Then, every time you write about a conference you spoke at, add the location in the Mashup field and BOOM!, you’ll have a map with an image, description, and link to the post populated from a marker on the maps.

Maps aren’t just for directions anymore. Maps Builder Pro gives you dynamic map generation.

More Advanced Features

All the things you’ve come to love in Maps Builder Basic are amplified times 10 in Pro. Here’s a quick run-down:

Visual Map Builder  
Impressive Marker Infowindows  
Multiple Map Types  
Google Places Integration  
Snazzy Maps Integration16 themes80+ themes and add custom themes
Easy “Drop a Marker” Creation  
Mobile Responsive Maps  
Basic Widget  
Places Search  
Marker Clustering  
Signed-in Maps  
Populate Markers from Posts/Pages/CPTs  
Maps Builder Addon Compatible  
Layers (Traffic, Transit, and Bicycle)  
Custom Markers  
Routes and Directions  
Import & Export Everything  
Support Free support on Priority support