So I recently started using a Mac at work and with the Adobe Creative Suite 5 just released I was pretty excited. The new additions to CS5 are great and I can see that working with WordPress will be a lot more streamlined. Anyways, I ran into a frustrating issue that a lot of other Mac/Dreamweaver CS5 users are encountering where launching the program results in a disabled dreamweaver.

Disabled Dreamweaver

When you are experiencing this problem you will see that Dreamweaver launches but your menu is limited to only a few options:

Here’s how I fixed the problem:

  1. First quit Dreamweaver CS5 if you have in launched (or kinda launched)
  2. Open Finder and navigation to: Macintosh hd/users//library/application support/adobe/dreamweaver cs5/en-US/
  3. Here you will find the folder “configuration” … Rename this folder to ‘configurationOld’ and restart Dreamweaver

What this will do is force Dreamweaver to create that configuration folder again. Please note: this may not fix it for you and this solution has not even been mentioned by Adobe. Hope this helps you out!

Here’s the link to the ‘official’ adobe KB article on their solution to fix Dreamweaver CS5’s launching problem: Nothing happens when launching Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on a Mac

Here’s a useful thread at the Adobe Support Forums about this dreamweaver problem and possible solutions.

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