Facebook Messages Icon Facebook Messages has always been regarded as one of the features users looked over when using Facebook. Not anymore. Mark Zuckerberg and Co have come up with what I believe is a winner of an enhancement for an already killer social networking platform. The new Facebook Messages looks to be a revolutionary step into Facebook’s integration of all your online interactions.

What makes this truly a great experience is it’s a step further in Facebook’s quest to make the web more personal. You can view texts, chats, emails all bundled together on Facebook… where most of us do our communication through anyways. So now you want to know how you can be invited? Check it out:

How to Request an Invite

Requesting an invite is easy: To request an invite and you will be brought to the Facebook Messages Invite Request Page. Once there you will see a button in the lower right hand side to request a message as seen in this image:

Request a Facebook Messages Invite

How to Upgrade the Facebook Messages after Invited

Awesome you got the invite, now once you’re in Facebook you will have to upgrade using the pop-up displayed on the main news feed page as displayed in this image:

Facebook Messages Upgrade Notice

Once you click on the “See What’s New” button you will be brought to the Facebook Messages preview page:

Facebook Messages Preview Page

How long does the Invite Take?

Unfortunately there’s no real telling when you’re going to get the invite. Typically, Facebook won’t keeping you too long and you should have the new service in no time. If you get yours in under 24-hours I’ll be impressed. It took a couple of weeks for most users to get theirs. Expect anywhere from 1-3 weeks for an invite to go. Please comment below on how long it to for you to receive yours.

Activate Facebook Email

Once you have upgraded your account you can begin integrating your email and text to you Facebook account. For more in depth instructions please refer to my article: How to claim your own facebook email address. The process is as simple as choosing an email address through the facebook’s built in email availability tool:

Facebook Email Choose

Activate Facebook Text Integration

To activate text your friend text messages choose a country and mobile carrier and click Next:

Facebook Text Messages Screenshot

Enter the confirmation number and click Activate Text Messaging.

Activate Text Message Window

Help, I need more info!

Facebook’s Help page has a thread that’s been started with some pretty good Q and A. Here’s a link to that: Facebook Help… Hope that helps some of you out!

Have any question? Please feel free to use the comments below and share this article with your friends. Again, the new Facebook’s Messages is going to be a widely used feature on Facebook (I venture to say even as much as the Newsfeed) and I suggest you take advantage of the early upgrade.

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