Facebook Messages Logo The long awaited Facebook rollout of the revamped messaging service has opened access to a whole new realm of cool: the sacred @facebook email address. Previously, you had to be so cool as to WORK at facebook, a feat seemingly impossible to the meaningless heathen, to have this long sought-after @email extension. Now the time has come where you can claim your very own @facebook email extension.

First Step: Get Your Own Facebook Username

In order to have a Facebook email, you will first have to have a username. To get one first check availability for your Facebook Username, decide on the one you like the most, and then click to set it. Make sure you like the name you choose because you can only do this once!

Get a Facebook Username

Set your Facebook Username

Second Step:

The key to unlocking your very own facebook email account is to upgrade to the new Facebook Messages. To do this you will have to request an invite and there may be a bit of wait time until you receive it. To request an invite, please check out my full instructions here: How to get Invited and Upgrade to the New Facebook Messages.

Upgrade to the new Facebook Messages

Now that you have received your invite it’s time to upgrade; again, refer back to my previous article for the procedure to do that. It’s super easy and once you click on the “Upgrade” button you will immediately be brought to the option to claim your Facebook email address extension. Here’s a screenshot:

Claim your facebook email address extension

Now click on the “Activate Email” button and you will immediately see:

Activate Your Facebook Email

What can I do with this new Facebook Email?

Now that you have your new email address any emails sent to you by your friends will go straight to your messages, all others will be put in “others”. Facebook made sure to get the Privacy thing right this time and they have placed these settings front and center.

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