We attempt to make our website as simple and intuitive as possible to navigate, and to provide you with all the pertinent documentation, support, and purchase details that you need to use our plugins easily. Nevertheless, some things aren’t always crystal clear.

This document is provided to help clarify general questions our users ask about our plugins in general and our website. It is updated frequently as users provide us more and more feedback.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that makes creating and maintaining websites easy through an intuitive online interface. All our plugins require WordPress to function and will not work otherwise. Once WordPress is installed on your web hosting platform with your domain pointed to it properly, all you then need is a computer and Internet connection to edit your website and begin using any of our high-quality WordPress plugins.

For more information about WordPress and to download it today, go to WordPress.org.

What is a license and why do I need it?

When you purchase a plugin from us, it gives you three main things:

  1. Access to the plugin code immediately (via emailed link, and in your Purchase History)
  2. Access to US, our premium support
  3. The ability to update your plugin in your WordPress website whenever we push out an update.

Your license is valid for one year. If you allow your license to expire, the plugin will still work, but you will no longer have access to us, or to download the plugin or have updates to the plugin.

Before your license expires, we’ll email you to remind you to renew. You can renew your license at 30% off the original price.

I just purchased a plugin. Where do I download it?

You should have received an automated email from us with your download link. But if you missed that, you can always login to our website and download the latest version of any of the plugins you have purchased.

After you login, go to the top right menu item called “My Account” and then click on “Purchase History”. From there you’ll see a list of all your purchases. Click on the “View Details and Downloads” button. One that page you can click on the link of any of the plugins in that purchase to download the latest version of that plugin that you license allows.

OK, it’s downloaded. Now what do I do?

Now that you have it downloaded, you’ll need to install it on your website. REMEMBER: Our Pro plugins are a separate plugin from their FREE counterparts. Make sure you delete the FREE version before you upload the PRO version. You’re settings and configurations will NOT be lost when you delete the FREE version, so no worries there.

To add a WordPress Plugin using the built-in plugin installer:

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
    Add New Plugin
  2. Click on “Upload Plugin”
    Upload Plugin Button
  3. Click “Choose File”
    Choose File
  4. A pop-up will appear allowing you to browse the files on your local computer. Go to the ZIP file that you previously downloaded, and choose that.
  5. Now the “Add Plugins” screen will show the “Install Now” button as active and ready. Click that now.
  6. You’ll see WordPress list the progress of the install, and then you’ll see a success message and two links. One will say “Activate Plugin”. Click that and you’re done!

What is a “License Key” and where do I find it?

The “License Key” is a unique set of characters assigned to your purchase of one of our plugins. It entitles you to our Premium Support forum and to get automatic update notices in your WordPress website whenever we push out new plugin versions.

You should have received your License Key in the confirmation email you received after you first purchased the plugin. But if you cannot find that email, you can always log into our website and retrieve your key whenever you like. After you login, go to the link in the top right called “My Account”, then click on “Purchase History”. From there you’ll see a list of all of your purchases with WordImpress. Click on the “View Licenses” link in the far right and you’ll be able to retrieve the key there.

Each plugin saves the License Key in a slightly different manner, so go to the Documentation of that plugin to find out exactly where to save your License Key in your WordPress site. Once that’s done, you’ll get notified of any plugin updates that we make and you’ll be able to update your WordImpress plugin just like any other WordPress plugin.

I got a notice that I’ve reached my Activation limit for my license. How do I deactivate domains I’m no longer using?

You can disable or add any domain to your license you like. Simply login to our website, then go to “My Account” and click on “Purchase History”. On that page, go to the far right and click on “View Licenses”. On the Licenses page you’ll see a table like below. When you click on the “Manage Sites” link you’ll be able to add or disable any domain you like for each plugin.


OK. I need this for more sites. Can I upgrade my license?

Yep. See the image above? You can see the “View Upgrades” link. That will take you to a page where you can update your license to any available license level and you’ll only pay the difference.

I love your plugin, but I have a feature request. Where can I submit that?

Thanks so much for thinking of that! Each plugin has a dedicated Feature Request forum in our Support area. Submit it there and other users can chime in as well to voice their support for the idea. We’ll also make sure to update your ticket when/if we update the plugin with your idea.

What is “Freemium” and GPL Licensing and why should I care?

All of our plugins are licensed as GPL plugins. This is a type of software license that allows other developers to use, re-use, and re-purpose our code for their own purposes as long as they keep our license intact. The best explanation of the GPL is Richard Best’s “Human Readable GPL” at WPandLegalStuff.com.

The majority of our business model is based on the “freemium” model. This means we have a “free” version of the plugin available for anyone to download and use (or re-use per the GPL), and we have a Pro version which we sell from our website. All our Pro versions are still GPL licensed. What you pay for in our Pro versions is three things:

  1. Access to us, via our Premium Support
  2. Access to enhanced and additional features of the plugin
  3. Your payment enables continued development of our products and support

That last item is why you should care. There are (to date) over 33,000 free plugin on the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. Many of them are really excellent and really useful. But many of them have not been updated in years, or do not work well, and their support forum suffers from developer neglect. That is not us. It’s not who we are and not why we got into this business. But the only way we can continue to develop awesome plugins, and provide impressive support is with your purchases. They matter. And if you are benefiting on your website from our work, I hope you feel your purchase was well worth it. We sure do.

I love your plugins! Where can I leave a review?

Oh that’s so kind. All of our free plugins have reviews section on the WordPress Plugin Directory, and we’d love your review there. For example, here’s the reviews section for Google Places Reviews.

As for our Pro plugins, we are slowly adding them to a new venture called the ProPluginDirectory. Here’s the current list of plugins you can review there:

Can I follow you guys online, or do you have a newsletter or something?

We thought you’d never ask. Here’s the whole laundry list:

  • Subscribe to email updates of any of our plugins here.
  • Subscribe for updates to our Give WordPress Donation plugin here.
  • Here’s our Social Channels: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  G+  |  YouTube  |  Github

Haven’t I seen you guys on Facebook or a Meetup or WordCamp somewhere?

Yep. Both Devin Walker and Matt Cromwell are active admins of the Advanced WordPress Facebook group (currently nearing 16,000 members). We find a lot of value in that community and love participating there.

Both Devin and Matt are also Organizers for the Advanced WordPress Meetup in San Diego, CA. We attend monthly and present there often.

Lastly, yes, both Devin and Matt attend and present at WordCamps often. Here’s Matt Cromwell’s presentation at WordCamp Miami 2015 on Optimizing Images in WordPress.

What is your Refund Policy?

You’ll find it really painless and explained in detail here.