Yelp Widget Pro has two methods in which to retreive data from Yelp: Search and Business.

The Search API returns many results based of a keyword such as “Bars” and “Daycare” and a location such as “Seattle” or “San Diego.

The Business API returns a single listing based on the Business ID.

Knowing which API to use depends on how you wish to use the plugin. If you are a business owner wanting to show your Yelp star rating and reviews then the Business method is the way to go. If you are a Real Estate agent and want to show daycare businesses nearby one of your home listings then the Search method is what you want.

Yelp’s Business Method Explained

Yelp’s Business API allows business owners to display their Yelp reviews (up to 3), address, Google Map location, and more. To display your business you will need to first retrieve your Yelp Business ID. Don’t worry, this is as easy as going to your business page on Yelp and copying a bit of the URL. The bit of the url we are looking for is after the /biz/ part of the address. For instance, the Business ID of is el-bacon-bremerton (without quotes).

Yelp’s Search Method Explained

Yelp’s Search API is useful to display business listings results of specific search terms such as “Bars” in San Diego or “Daycare” in Seattle. The API results accurately reflects search results on – for more information visit Yelp’s Search API

Note: The Yelp Widget Pro version used in the screencast is the open source version available on