The Yellow Pages Reviews widget is designed to be a very simple an intuitive way to display your Yellow Pages Reviews into any sidebar of your website.

widgets-yellow-pages-reviews-wordpressThe widget has three main areas:

  • Basic Info
  • Display Options
  • Advanced Options

Basic Info

Here you can set your Business title and insert your business ID.

Display Options

Here is where you can set the theme of your widget. You can see all the theme options on the demo site. The “Hide Business Information” checkbox allows you to hide the header of the widget containing the information about your business. This is useful if you want to add that information yourself with a custom image or text above this widget.

The “Hide ‘x out of 5 stars’ text” option allows you to hide the text after the star rating. That text is useful for search engines, so it is not removed but simply hidden from view.

Advanced Options

The “Cache Data” (available in the Pro version only) allows you to set how often the plugin will request updated information from the API. This means that your site can respond more quickly because the API results are cached. But it also means that you are not going to see updated reviews until that time period is over. The “Clear Cache” (available in the Pro version only) button allows you to force a new API call to get the latest information right away. If you are not seeing new reviews on your site that are already on the site, then try using this button before submitting a support ticket. The “Disable Title Output” option removes the widget title from view. You will still see the title of the widget in the Admin Widget screen, just not on the front-end. The “Open Links in New Window” option adds a target=”_blank” to all links within the reviews so that when clicked on they open in a new browser tab. The “No Follow Links” option adds a rel=”nofollow” to the links within the reviews. This is helpful for SEO purposes if you do not want to inadvertantly provide “backlinks” to a site which you cannot vouch for. You can read a very detailed article on nofollow links here.