In order to use Yellow Pages Reviews you will first need to get a Yellow Pages API Key and enter it into the plugin’s settings page. Fortunately, the process should not take more that 10 minutes and you will receive your API key immediately after requesting it.

We have documented the necessary steps you will need to perform in order to obtain the API key:

1. Sign Up for an Account

Go to the Publishing Center website and sign up for an account here. You’ll receive an email shortly thereafter with a link to confirm your new account. Click on that and your account will be activated and you can login to create your API Key.

2. Create Your API Key

After you’re logged in, click on the “Site & Apps” tab at the top Site & Apps Tab From there you’ll see a table that will eventually list the Apps you’ve created. At the moment, it’s empty. So go to the far right and click on the blue “Add a Site/App Key” button. Add a Site/App Key Fill out the form with information specific to the website that you’ll be posting your Yellow Pages Reviews on with our widget. It’s important that you use the exact url, so double-check in your “Settings > General” whether your domain is with “www” or not. API Step 1 Once you’ve hit “Save & Continue you’ll have all the information you need. The item called “Site/App API Key” is what you need for our widget to work correctly. API Key Step 2

3. Paste Your API Into Your Yellow Pages Reviews Settings

Now log into your WordPress site and go to “Settings > Yellow Pages”. There you’ll see a field at the top of the page under the “About” tab to paste you API Key into. Paste it there and hit “Save Changes” and you’re done! YP API Key Paste into Settings