Subscribe2 Widget Pro is a powerful new add-on for the popular newsletter plugin Subscribe2. Subscribe2 Widget Pro comes in two version: Free and Premium.

Plugin Features

The plugin features include fast AJAX form submission, customizable labels, validation messages, button and input values, optimized Subscribe2 output, an advanced shortcode and more! Also included is 1-year of priority support, lifetime updates and multisite support.

  • Powerful shortcode
  • AJAX Form Submission
  • Unique widget themes
  • Optimized scripts and styles
  • Customizable inputs and buttons
  • Customizable Validation Messages
  • Actively Developed
  • Priority support

The goal of Subscribe2 Widget Pro is to help you increase subscriptions on your website by making it faster and easier for the user to submit their email address. The default Subscribe2 widget is lacking in design and functionality. As well, it includes the entire jQuery UI library on your website which causes more overhead that slows down your page speed and site load times.

Subscribe2 Widget Pro is more aesthetically pleasing and optimized. It used just one JavaScript and one CSS file (two if you use a theme) all of which are minified for faster loading. AJAX enables faster form submission without the need to reload the browser. This keeps your users undistributed and able to continue browsing your website from the point they started.

Get Up and Running

To get up and running quickly, please follow these steps.

STEP 1: Plugin Install and Activation

  1. Download the Add-on – When you purchase a Give Add-on you will receive an email with a link to download your Add-on. If you don’t have the email you can always access your downloads from the My Account page on our site.
  2. Install and Activate the Add-on – Now that you have downloaded the plugin zip file it’s time to activate your plugin. The easiest way to do this is by logging into your WordPress website and navigating to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and select the plugin file. This will upload the plugin, you should then activate it.

STEP2: Activating Your Premium Add-on License

Now that your Add-on is activated and configured, you should activate your License Key. Your License Key is not required for the Add-on to function, but as long as your license is active, you’ll have access to our Premium Support Forum and you’ll get automatic updates in your WordPress site whenever we push important updates out to your Add-on. This is particularly important for Payment Gateways as there can be necessary security upgrades, or changes to the Payment Gateway API that require an update.

When you purchased your Add-on you should have received a confirmation email that had both a download link and your license key. Save that license key somewhere safe in case you need it again in the future.

To activate your license, copy that license key from your email, and login to your site. Next, navigate to “Donations > Settings” and click on the “Licenses” tab. There you will see a list of your Premium Give-Add-ons and a field to enter the license key. When you’ve entered the correct key and clicked “Save Settings” you’ll see a green checkmark in the license key field indicating that the license has been successfully activated.


Retrieving Your Add-on License

If you misplaced the original email, you can always retrieve your license by logging into and clicking on the “Account” menu item, then clicking on “My Account”. There you’ll see several tabs available to you. The first one is called “Purchases”. There you will see a list of all your purchases with On the far right you’ll see a link called “View Licenses”. Click that and you’ll be able to copy all of your premium Add-on licenses.

Give-my-account-view-licensesSTEP 3: Implement the Shortcode

The widget itself is fairly self-explanatory. To implement the widget anywhere you like on your site, use the Shortcode. See documentation here.

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