These questions comes from our users directly. We are continually updating this list.

Why should I use this plugin?

Open Table is a powerful restaurant reservation system. Unfortunately, the official Open Table widget is not very customizable or beneficial for your website. In fact, it can slow down your site substantially with the way it loads scripts. If you want to include reservation integration into Open Table restaurant from a WordPress powered site, this plugin makes it extremely easy and flexible. Compared to Open Table’s own Reservation widget it’s practically night and day.

What countries can I use this plugin in?

Our widget currently only support restaurants in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Japan, and Mexico.

Why does the widget look funny in my theme?

Most likely your theme has conflicting CSS that is interferring with the themes included with the plugin. If you’re handy with CSS this can be an easy fix. If you are new to CSS then try out the Bare Bones theme to see if that looks nicer. You can use this theme to standardize the widget to your layout. If you think the issue may be a bug, please contact support.

Are style issues supported?

Not for the free plugin. If you are experiencing a style issue and need help, either upgrade to the Pro version and we will do our best to get it set up nicely for your theme.

Are there prebuilt styles included in the plugin?

Yes, there are three basic themes included in the free version of the plugin. The premium version has many more options and themes.