This is the Change Log for Maps Builder Pro. You can find the changelog for the Free version here.

Maps Builder Pro Changelog

== Changelog ==

= 2.1.2 =
* Fix: Provide compatibility with IE11 because the browser does not support Maps Builders current usage of CustomEvent in JS -
* Fix: Map permalinks no longer require manual refresh after installation -
* Fix: Correct default slug from google_maps to google-maps
* Fix: Rename constructor to prevent PHP 7 notice -
* Fix: Prevent themes from affecting width of close button -
* Improvement: Refactor and improve performance for hidden maps upon reveal -
* Improvement: Support popular tab solutions including Tabby, Elementor, Divi, Bootsrap, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer
* Improvement: Add new PHP filters and JS triggers for developers -
* Improvement: Use transients if available to load mash-up markers -
* General: Add featured image support to map posts -
* Deprecate: Google Maps has removed support for signed-in functionality -

= 2.1.1 =
* Fix: Conflict with the Give donation plugin using the same function name throwing a fatal error upon activation. Fixed with custom prefix.

= 2.1 =
* Enhancement: Support basic HTML in InfoBubbles -
* Enhancement: Vastly improved InfoBubble CSS and sizing -
* Enhancement: Wider selection of Snazzy Maps added -
* Fix: Add "Get Directions" link to Places in InfoBubble on Frontend -
* Fix: Show thumbnail properly in backend InfoBubbles -
* Fix: Google Places API error outputs badly -
* Fix: Properly support new requirements for Google Places API -
* Fix: Featured image displays in InfoBubble even when disabled -
* Fix: Save Button doesn't appear when editing a Marker that was already edited once -
* Fix: "Save Changes" tool tip stays on screen after saving changes -
* Fix: Map Type Control doesn't affect map properly -
* Fix: The "Get Directions" link wasn't displaying properly in InfoBubbles -
* Tweak: Settings screen CSS made tabs shift in bad ways -
* Tweak: Changed default geocoding option and settings now that Google requires SSL to enable -
* Tweak: Google Marker images were moved. Updated to new location -
* Tweak: Removed sensor parameter to prevent console warning
* Tweak: Updated Google logo to the newest version -

= 2.0.3 =
* New: Option to centered maps on marker when the user clicks on it -
* Fix: Standardized spelling for loading image file extension names; the extensions were uppercase "GIF" causing 404s for some hosts
* Fix: When the "Map Control Type" was set to none the controls would still appear on the map -
* Fix: Cluster markers changed from Google to Github so the URLs for the images are now updated -
* Fix: Better way to include CMB2 so there's fewer conflicts with other plugins that are using the same library
* Tweak: Removed 'sensor' arguments to prevent Google's console "Google Maps API warning sensor is not required"

= 2.0.2 =
* New: Introduced the InfoBubble library for better handling of frontend marker info windows
* New: Added link to individual post within a mashup marker's infowindow content
* Fix: Mashups now allow you to load all posts from a CPT without having to select a taxonomy - thanks @thatryan
* Fix: Revamped how Google Maps API scripts are loaded to better prevent conflicts with other themes and plugins on both the admin and frontend

= 2.0.1 =
* Fix: Taxonomy terms checkbox selections now properly loaded via AJAX for mashups filtering @see:
* Fix: Licensing system updated to work with Pro release and bypass updates completely
* Fix: Ensure mashup markers have latitude and longitude before creating frontend markers - thanks @RachelC
* Fix: Add ability for mashup markers to be clustered - thanks @RachelC

= 2.0 =
* General: This update focused on fixing a lot of pre-existing bugs commonly submitted to as well as improving the plugin base for future code enhancements.
* New: Enhanced Full Screen Maps Builder mode that allows you to build maps in a customizer-like experience.
* New: Widget for inserting maps into your theme's sidebars #39 @see:
* New: Shortcode builder integrated into TinyMCE to make adding maps to your posts a breeze. @see:
* New: Upgrade process for maps using Google's old reference ID in place for the new Place_ID @see:
* New: Switch and Test all Google Places API calls to "Reference ID" or "ID" to Google's new "Places ID"
* New: Gulp implemented for minifying scripts
* Improvement: Upgraded CMB1 to CMB2
* Improvement: Class improvements and modernized structure organization
* Improvement: Plugin structure significantly changed to better reflect our development preference. The current structure is similar to Give, EDD, and other reputable plugins.
* Improvement: Swapped out Thickbox for Magnific popup @see:
* Improvement: Register scripts and styles properly prior to enqueuing them for other plugins and themes
* Improvement: Marker Creation Improvements - 1) Sometimes markers disappear in the post edit screen. 2) Sometimes markers don't get output on the front end correctly. 3)Sometimes markers don't get generated in the post edit screen at all.
* Fix: Investigated + resolved several Google Maps API conflicts - Often when a user has a theme or plugin that registers Google Maps it breaks our plugin or ours breaks theirs. We now check for other Google Map enqueues, and if present the plugin attempts to dequeue them in favor for ours. So far this has fixed issues with Uber Menu 3, Contact Forms 7, as well as many additional plugins.
* Fix: Maps placed in hidden tabs now redraw properly when the tab is selected
* Fix: Found and resolved conflict with ACF plugin Google Maps field
* Fix: Removed non-functional marker upload field (will be added to Pro version in a much enhanced format).
* Fix: Maps icons fixed to no longer show first character incorrectly @see:
* General: Javascript cleanup and optimization

= 1.0.3 =
* New: New check for multiple Google Maps API calls to ensure more compatibility with themes and plugins which include the same maps API JS. If the check detects multiple enqueues a warning appears in the admin panel.
* Additional Testing: Reviewed WooCommerce and Contact Forms 7 compatibility within WP admin panel
* Fix: Updated a number of field descriptions to be more clear
* Fix: Updated readme to be more accurately reflect past development on plugin
* Removed snazzy.php file since we are using the json file exclusively now

= 1.0.2 =
* Remove Maps Shortcode field from non-Google Maps post types. ie Posts and Pages (thanks [@kalenjohnson]( )
* Fix: Default Menu position conflict with other plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Forms 7
* Readme.txt - New FAQs, Roadmap content and several formatting and typo fixes
* Fixed: Bug with Map shortcode field displaying on all single post types Publish metabox rather than just on the maps post type
* Improved: Moved snazzy JSON data from php file to .json file for more reliable usage across environments; some servers seem to deny any access to php files using wp_remote_fopen()

= 1.0.1 =
* New: Added a custom meta field to the Google Map single post screen that outputs the post's shortcode so it's more easily accessible. Before you could only access the shortcode via the Google Maps post listing page.
* Updated readme.txt file with more information about the plugin, fixed several formatting errors and typos.
* Fixed: Activation error "PHP Strict Standards:  call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Google_Maps_Builder::activate() should not be called statically in ..." - Thanks Jon Brown!

= 1.0.0 =
* Plugin released. Yay!

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