Maps Builder Pro’s settings are kept to a bare minimum, instead keeping the most important features on the actual map building pages themselves. However, there are many important features and settings that should be noted in this section. These settings can help optimize your map creation process and help in case when you need support.


The Maps Builder Pro settings interface consists of several tabs that help break up the important sections. The main tabs are:

  1. Map Options
  2. General Options
  3. System Info
  4. License

Note: Other plugins may modify the tabs or options displayed within the plugin settings by adding additional fields, sections, and/or descriptions.

Map Options

Maps Builder Pro Settings Overview
Main Settings Page Screen
Google Maps API Key
The Google Maps JavaScript API v3 does not require an API key to function correctly. However, Google strongly encourages you to load the Maps API using an APIs Console key which allows you to monitor your Maps API usage. Learn how to obtain an API key.
Map Size
The default width and height of each new Map you create. This is useful when you know the width of your content area and want each map to be as wide as the whole area. You can set each to be in either pixels or percentage.
Map Location
When creating a new map the plugin will use your current longitude and latitude for the base location. If you see a blank space instead of the map, this is probably because you have denied permission for location sharing. You can use this option to set the default instead of your geolocation.

General Options

Maps Builder Pro General Options
General Options Screen
Post Type Slug
Default: ‘google-maps’
Each Map can be shown on its own single page based on the Archive slug. You can set this to be anything you like, like ‘locations’, ‘directions’, etc.
Menu Position
Default: 21.3
This setting allows you to order the position of the Google Maps in relation to the other post type menus in your WordPress admin area. Though it is not well-documented, the Menu Position argument does support decimals which gives you a little finer control. Read more here
Has Archive
Default: Yes
If you don’t want to have an Archive page of all your individual maps, then you can disable that by setting this to “No”.
Opening Maps Builder
Default: No

If you’d like the fullscreen Map Builder to be loaded by default every time you go to the Edit Map screen, change this to “Yes”.

Mashup Metabox
Default: None

This option allows you to specify which posts will contain the Mashup Metabox. This metabox allows you to add location data such as point of interest, address, longitude, and latitude, to posts of your choosing.

System Info

System Settings Screen
System Settings Screen

This tab outputs basic information about your WordPress installation and configuration as well as your hosting environment. If you are requesting support from us, this information is VERY useful. You can download it all as a file with the button at the bottom and attach that as a link in your support ticket and we’ll LOVE you for it.


License Settings Screen
License Settings Screen

In order to receive updates and support it’s required that you activate your license for your installation. If you are using the plugin on a test or demo site you do not need