Whether you are a current Maps Builder user or just shopping, these are questions we often hear and want to clear up for you right away.

What’s the difference between the Free version and the Pro version?

There are a number of important features and functional differences between the free and Pro versions of Maps Builder. First, Maps Builder Pro has a lot more features and is fully supported and documented by our team. As well, active license holders get to the front of the queue every time. To view a full functional breakdown please visit the Maps Builder Pro product page.

Where can I get support?

We provide support for Maps Builder (free) within the WordPress Plugin Directory Support Forum for all free plugin version users. Users with an active Maps Builder Pro license receive Priority Support. Priority support means you can expect fast and thorough responses and the willingness to go the extra mile from our friendly support team.

What kind of data can I import and export?

With Maps Builder Pro you can import and export individual markers that you create to CSV files. You can also import and export entire maps, including all metadata (markers, mashups, places, controls, etc) using the WordPress Importer plugin found for free on WordPress.org.

Can I load markers from my WordPress posts?

Yes! This functionality is called a “Mashup” and it is one of the most powerful features found within Maps Builder Pro. In a nutshell, Maps Builder Pro allows you to aggregate location data from your custom post types on a single Google Map. Check out the Mashup documentation for more details.

Can I Upload My Own Markers?

Yes, of course! Just be sure it’s a transparent image that’s a suitable size. We have also built in 1,000s of marker images and icons for you to choose from should you not have a marker image handy or in mind.

Why doesn’t the Pro version have a Weather layer?

Unforunately, Google Maps retired the weather layer completely. It’s simply not available any more. You can read about that here. We always keep Maps Builder up to date with the latest Google API updates.

I want different directions routes to have different colors. How do I do that?

Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t support that at all. You can read a thread on their Product Support forum about that. It’s a great idea and we’d suggest you provide the Google Maps team your feedback so they can prioritize that as a feature.

When I’m in the Maps Builder Popup, and I click “Update Map”, the page refreshes and the popup is closed. How do I keep it open instead?

Go to “Google Maps > Settings” then go to the “General Options” tab and select “Yes” for the “Open Map Builder” option. That will make the Modal Popup your default Map Builder method.