Maps Builder Pro comes 5 different marker icon libraries and the ability to upload your own custom marker. This guide will help you implement custom markers quickly and easily.

Screenshot of Maps Builder Pro Custom Marker editing

How to Customize your Marker Icons

Maps Builder Pro has a lot of options and features. That can sometimes make it challenging to find just the setting you are looking for. But in the case of custom markers, we tried to make it as intuitive as possible. Think of it this way:

"All you have to do is click on the marker you want to customize and the rest should be fairly intuitive."

  1. Go to the edit screen of the map which has the markers you want to customize then click on the marker.
  2. That will open up the Infobubble. Towards the bottom right you’ll see two icons: (1) A Pencil — for editing; (2) a trash can — to delete the marker. Click on the pencil.
  3. Now you’ll see the title and description of the Infobubble available in text fields to edit. You’ll also see a marker icon in the bottom right. Click on that.
  4. Now you are presented with all the marker customization options


Available Custom Marker Libraries

Now you are presented with 6 options. The first five options are different pre-set marker icon libraries. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Map Pin — this is just a standard pin, but you can do two things with it: (1) Customize the color; and (2) add a custom icon inside the pin. This is useful for labelling a specific location based on it’s business type, like a gym or school or restaurant.
  2. Square Pin — Same options as the “Map Pin” but the pin is square.
  3. Default Icons — these are the icons that have the same look and feel as Google Maps. They allow you to add a pin with one letter in them. This is useful for directions.
  4. Map Icons — This is an image library with icons based on business type.
  5. Templatic Icons — Another icon library with 99 icons to choose from.

We have a write-up on the Map Icons, Templatic, and other libraries here including links to their author and demo sites for full documentation on those specifically.

Uploading a Custom Marker

The last option is to upload a custom marker. Simply choose that option and you’ll be presented with an Upload Image field. Here’s some things to keep in mind when uploading custom markers:

  • The size you upload is the size you’ll get. If your image is very large it could render your map virtually useless since it would cover such a large part of the map.
  • Using a .png image with alpha transparency is the only way to have an icon with a shape. JPG images will appear square.