Some users have trouble finding their Business ID when searching for it in the widget Business location search tool. This is primarily a limitation of the Google Places API, not necessarily our plugin.

If you want to use the shortcode anywhere on your site, you’ll need to get your Places ID (this is NOT the same as the API Key). Google does not make it easy to get this ID, so Google Places Reviews Widget Pro gives you a very intuitive method for retrieving it.

Go to “Appearance > Widgets” and add a Google Places Review Widget to any sidebar.

Then, in the “Location Lookup” field, start typing your Business name. You’ll see a list of businesses appear below that field which is generated from the Google Places API itself. Once you see your Business, select it, and you’ll see the “Location” and the “Location Reference ID” field get populated automatically. The “Location Reference ID” is what you need for using with your shortcode.

My Business Doesn’t Appear in the Dropdown Suggestions

There are several reasons why your business might not show up in the autosuggest field. Here’s a few:

  • Your Google + Business page is not properly configured to serve reviews over the Places API. Review our “Google Places Reviews 101” document in detail for how to troubleshoot and resolve that issue.
  • You might have a javascript conflict with another plugin. First, test that your business shows up normally using the Google Autocomplete tool here:
    If your business and Places ID shows up correctly there, then deactivate all other plugins besides Google Places Reviews Pro. If you then can find your business in the widget correctly, re-activate each plugin one by one and test the widget again until you find the plugin that is causing the conflict. Report to that our Support Desk and we’ll provide a workaround.

How Do I Find my Places ID to use in the Shortcode?

You can find your Places ID with this autosuggest tool from Google. But that tool is built into our Shortcode generator which you’ll find above the post/page editor field.