The All-in-One Events Calendar plugin is a very powerful plugin for WordPress that allows you to display events in a variety of formats. The plugin allows you to pull events directly from your Google Calendars and can import hourly or daily.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will be importing events from a Google Calendar feed. Once done you should be able to setup similar feeds within your WordPress site using All-in-One Events Calendar.

Setup a Google Calendar within All-in-One Events Plugin

The items you will need to begins is the following:

  1. Access to WordPress w/ All-in-One Events Calendar installed
  2. Google Calendar Login
  3. Existing events in Google Calendar

Do you have all that information? Great, let’s begin!

Get the Google Calendars ICS Feed Link

To import into AIOEC in WordPress we will be using the Private Address ics link provided in Google Calendars settings.

First Login to Your Google Calendar

The first step to get your calendars from Google to your WordPress is to login to Google Calendars.


Locate Your Calendars ICS feeds

To locate your Google Calendar ICS feed click on the Gear icon in the corner when viewing your calendars and then click Settings:


Next, click on the name of the appropriate calendar you wish to import in the list of calendars can view and modify:

Google Calendars list

Scroll down until you see Private Address and then click on the ICAL icon:


Copy the Private Address link that appears in the modal for use in the next step:


Tip: I like to color coordinate the categories in WordPress similar to how the calendars are within the users Google account (see the following screenshots). You can color coordinate categories in All-in-One Events Calendar category edit screen.



Import Google Calendars to WordPress

Now that we have our appropriate ICS feed links we can proceed with importing to WordPress.

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Events and Calendar Feeds:


Now paste the Private Address link from the previous step in the iCalendar/.ics Feed URL metabox:


Click update settings and if you wish to import right away click refresh:


Depending on the number of items in your calendar it could take awhile to import. You can open the events listing page in a new tab to check if items are importing while the ajax spinner is working its magic.

Tutorial Wrap Up

Depending on how your Google Calendar is setup you may want to have similar color coating per calendar like in Google. You can color coordinate categories in AIOEC to have a very similar style calendar:


I find the feed importer works very well and has successfully imported thousands of items. This may differ depending on your server config but I’ve been very successful with it so far.

Please let us know your thoughts and any feedback you may have in the comments below.

Note: We have no association with or support of this plugin. This article is meant for educational and reference purposes.

Devin Walker is a San Diego-based WordPress Developer and enthusiast. He is the author of several popular and highly-rated WordPress themes and plugins. In his free time he enjoys playing Golf and traveling.

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    How can I set the import hourly?

  2. Anonymous

    Is it actually required to have an account with Timely in order to import anything? I don’t see a way to do the import (options are not showing in the installed plugin, and the tutorial makes no mention of this registration process or if it is required. (I have no intention of registering…)


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