The way support is maintained for WordImpress product is via the support forum. Within this section users can post their question and receive community and staff support. This model functions like many popular WordPress product providers such as Gravity Forms and Soliloquy.  In this model, customers pay yearly for support and updates. However, the upgrade and support fees are not charged automatically.

Additional details on support

Why a yearly support model?

This model ensures that customers who require support and updates will in turn pay for the support and updates. This ensures that the product stays actively developed because product owners are bound to customers by current and future profits.

How does the forum work?

The support forum is the main center to receive support for our products. To receive support please post within the appropriate forum from the account you created when you purchased the product. If you are having trouble accessing your account, contact us.

How long do I receive auto updates?

Currently, users who purchase our products receive updates for one year. This means your license will remain active for 365 days after purchase. When your license goes inactive you can continue using the product but you will not receive any new releases without renewal.

Where do I receive support for free versions?

In most cases, support is restricted to the support forum. We do monitor the forums on but it's not our priority. You may post in either our forum or theirs, but your most likely to receive a response in ours.