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Announcing, Give. The most flexible, robust, and easy to use WordPress plugin for accepting donations directly on your website.

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Give - Democratizing Generosity

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We build free and premium plugins for WordPress that are are actively maintained and supported by a passionate group of developers. Rest assured, with WordImpress you are getting the highest quality code and support available.

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Who We Are, What We Do

Behind the Scenes

We are a nimble group of folks based in San Diego, California. We focus on creating awesome products for WordPress. Learn more about WordImpress here.

Product Focus

We're 100% focused on developing WordPress plugins that help you reach your goals. We back our products with great support and documentation.

Customer Promise

We promise prompt and courteous support to our all of our customers. If you find a bug, we'll fix it. Have a question? We'll answer it. We're here for you. Not the other way around.

Plugin Pros

Laser focused on developing plugins that are easy to setup and simple to use. Extending the power of WordPress has never been easier.

Quality Code

We focus on writing code that is developing using WordPress best practices. Check out our Github to see our collaboration.

Support Fanatics

Get the help you need, pronto! We actively monitor our support forum and strive to provide the best support found in the WordPress world.