Subscribe2 Widget Pro

Introducing a Better Widget for Subscribe2

Subscribe2 is one of the most popular subscription management plugins for WordPress with more than 1.1 million downloads. Unfortunately, the widget that’s packaged with the plugin lacks optimization, comprehensive features and an intuitive UI. The answer: Subscribe2 Widget Pro.

The Subsribe2 Widget Pro plugin is a powerful enhancement to Subscribe2 that provides the ability for greater customization, better user experience and better optimized scripts.

Take a moment to watch this video demonstration of Subscribe2 Widget Pro:

If you have used the widget that’s packaged with Subscribe2 then you may have experienced it’s flaws. First, it uses the entire jQuery UI library coupled with a dark style theme that doesn’t fit well with many websites. Secondly, the AJAX functionality is clunky and lacking intuitiveness. Finally, it adds a bunch of unnecessary overhead to your website.

This is why we have developed this superior widget for Subscribe2. By leveraging Subscribe2 and Subscribe2 Widget Pro you will be using a proven and support subscription management system.

Don’t Let Subscribe2’s standard widget slow down your website

If you are using Subscribe2’s built in widget here are the number of scripts inserted into your website. Each one of these scripts adds to the size of your website therefore further slowing down your load times and page speed.

Number of scripts loaded by Subscribe2’s widget:

Subscribe2 jQuery UI Scripts
Subscribe2’s Widget Frontend Scripts

Subscribe2 Widget Pro only loads one stylesheet and one JavaScript file. If you elect to use a widget theme, the plugin will load an additional stylesheet per theme. Each of these files is minified and less than ~5kb each which is a vastly lower data footprint than Subscribe2’s widget.

Compared to Subscribe2’s standard widget it’s night and day

There are many features found within Subscribe2 Widget Pro that cannot be found in either the standard widget or Subscribe2 Widget Pro’s free version. Here is a list of features:

  • Fast AJAX submission
  • Advanced shortcode
  • Fast loading and optimized scripts
  • Numerous customization options
  • Easy setup and implementation
  • Priority support and lifetime updates

Subscribe2 Widget Pro Screenshots

Plugin Information and Disclaimer

Be sure to thoroughly test the subscription form on your website. While we’ve done our best to code it for use in different website environments, we provide this code “as-is” and make no warranties, representations, covenants or guarantees with regard to the subscription widget, and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or for loss of profit, revenue, data, business or use arising out of your use of the subscription widget.

The developer of this plugin is in no way affiliated with Subscribe2, the company or its affiliates. The code contained herein is developed for free use and distribution in an effort to give back to the WordPress community.