IconDo you have two lists that you would like to display their data in one convenient location? Well, the SharePoint Data View should work perfectly for this type of use. Follow along with the article to understand more about using the Data View to connect two list and display information of your choosing.

To begin, you must have SharePoint Designer 2007 and appopriate permissions within both lists and the site(s). Also, some general understanding of MOSS is always a plus. Got it? Good, let’s continue.

Getting Setup:

1. Open the Site holding the page you wish to display the data view on in SharePoint Designer 2007.


2. Detach the Page from the Layout and Check it out so we can edit it using SPD

Step 2

3. Once the page has finished loading select the appropriate Web Part Zone and click Data View > Insert Data View


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  • Rick

    I was reading over your post and I think I am a little confused. You can not query Lists in a different site collection. Do you know something I wish I did?

    I just want to clarify that you are not able to query lists and libraries across site collection with “Connect to another library”.


  • sid

    Thank you so much…it was of such a great help …i was looking for a no code good solution and dang i got ur article…i owe u a beer man..thanks again dude..

  • Richard

    @Rick: You can query lists and libraries across Site Colletcions, unless you’re trying to do a roll up.

    I can’t remember exactly if it was with the XML or XML Web Service but you did have to point to the Lists.asmx. I’m sure you can find more info online :)

  • Dale

    Can you add to either list then after it’s put up on sharepoint? I mean add new items content to either list? Even though this is only a “view”.

  • Beanyjon

    Hello, can i used this procedure or an adption of it to show to lists side by side but ….
    Have a lookup on list B pulling in a column from list A, then only showing data when the two fields match?
    Also is there a way to export this newl created dataview to a spreasheet?

  • Sarah

    Is there a way to apply the same method to SharePoint Designer 2010?   I can’t find the same buttons in SPD 2010.

  • Hasan Siddiqui

    Hi I have fallow ur step. but i have two list with lookup relation and i need data acording look up filde show the all data between two list in same columne whre the relation exist